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Peak Finance is a protocol designed to maintain the $PEAK token to the value of $METIS. This process is known as seigniorage, why is this important?


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What is an epoch? In terms of blockchain networks, an epoch describes a specific period of time. It determines the schedule of certain events on the blockchain network. Some of these events may include the distribution of incentives or the term of assigning new validators.

What is Seigniorage?


The difference between the cost to produce money and its current value.

Governments and Corporations make significant profits through seigniorage.


Governments and financial institutions make significant profits through seigniorage but there are no measures to guide it’s production. This is where Peak Finance comes in, allowing YOU to profit from participating in seigniorage.


For any asset to have value it must be pegged to another asset of value. With this in mind we have chosen to peg to $METIS.

Why? Because we love Metis and believe it is the future of human organisation.

Why we believe in Metis

To facilitate the inevitable global adoption of cryptocurrencies, we will require a highly scalable layer-2 solution. Many existing Layer-2s are heavily centralized.

Metis Andromeda aims to be a fully decentralized layer-2 with advanced smart contract factory capabilities and the option to build a Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC) that enables administrative and financial processes to be automated on-chain.

Andromeda operates on what is known as EVM-equivalence, in short, this enables Andromeda to traverse and interconnect throughout distributed ledgers of all shapes and sizes. Metis Andromeda is currently in its infancy as such we believe $METIS is heavily undervalued by comparative standards. We. Are. Bullish.

Why invest with PEAK?

A bet on $PEAK is a bet on the success of the entire $METIS ecosystem.

Peak Finance is a first stage MVP inspired by Fantom’s Tomb Finance, pegged to the value of $FTM. Those that invested in $TOMB before $FTMs meteoric rise realized tremendous profits. $METIS is in its infancy and is currently one of the best risk/reward plays in crypto. While the 1-to-1 peg is maintained, there is no impermanent loss for liquidity miners.


$PEAK is the currency for Peak Finance produced through the seigniorage process. While pegged to $METIS, a myriad of applications exist not only within Andromeda, but in the future and can circulate on any blockchain.


Central bankers take newly printed money and prop up their balance sheet. By investing in stocks for example, they operate on a trickle-down or top-down premise. Those of us at the bottom of that chain are all too aware that newly printed money is mostly spent before it reaches us. But what if you could invest $PEAK into our shares to capture value?

Ongoing developments will seek to utilize the $PRO token to enable you to have a share in not only Peak Finance, but in all future applications built into our ecosystem.


Investors that purchase government bonds do so because they have faith that the issuing sovereign will make good on their debts. Interest rates on debt repayments feed into the yields that bond owners receive.

By design, it is inevitable people will take profits when the $PEAK printers are on, as a result there will be time when the peg will drop below 1:1. $PONDS is a vote of confidence that the Peak protocol will make good on its debt and is where you realize direct profits from the seigniorage process.


At Peak Finance, we believe it is our duty to ensure you not only belong to a community of terrific humans, but to teach you more about cryptocurrencies. The Peak team have been doxed by Metis and are respected consultants with expertise in fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and market sentiment.

We discourage pump-n-dump shilling and openly encourage the community to discuss fundamentals and investment opportunities. The team will also share the projects, particularly within Andromeda, that have PEAKED their interest.

Keeping in mind, that all discussions of cryptocurrencies are for educational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Join our Discord or Telegram and follow us on Twitter!


Remember how we said Peak Finance is the first stage?

The next step is to stabilize the protocol and utilize the treasury in a 100% transparent manner with all profits coming back into the treasury.

Who benefits from an actively managed treasury?


The contents of the treasury will be utilized in yield-generating instruments and trade the market both ways. Profits will go back to ensuring the peg remains above 1, and to $PRO token holders.

Introducing the PEAKING DUCKS

Peaking Ducks are the spirit animal of Peak Finance, created from uniquely designed traits brought together to randomly generate 5000 Peaking Ducks.

The treasury raised from the mint of Peaking Ducks will be actively traded to pursue opportunities in the market to bring $PEAK profits back to holders but will also BOOST your $PEAK earnings in The Summit.

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Adrian Stewart

Adrian Stewart

CEO & Co-Founder

Entrepreneur | Business degree set me up to be able to invest successfully in crypto for the last 2 years | Helping crypto advance further

Tristan HAZELwood

Tristan HAZELwood

Co-Founder & Advisor

Psychology (Honours) | Fundamental Analyst and Educator at Crypto Consulting Institute

Ben Guihot

Ben Guihot

Co-FounderAdvisor & BDM

Serial Entrepreneur |  Creative Intelligence | Business Strategy | Licensed financial services provider based in Australia



Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Lead Developer | 6+ Years Experience | DeFi & NFT expert

Bronwen Gien

Bronwen Gien

Chief Marketing Officer

Digital Marketer | Entrepreneur | Investor | Advisor & Strategic Partner | Crypto Educationalist | Technical Analyst

Steve Body

Steve Body


CEO/Owner @ Aeacus Capital | Ex-Navy Clearance Diver RAN (Special Forces Qualified) | Australian Investment Education, Crypto Consulting Institute

Jarryd Lang

Jarryd Lang

Video Artist & Community Engagement

Video and Media specialist | Owner and CEO of JKL Media | Creative Artist | Communication Designer | Community Engagement

Stellio Koutsis

Stellio Koutsis

Lead Designer

Lead Graphic and Web Designer with over 10+ years experience | UI/UX Designer | Creative Designs | Artwork and Communication Design



Community and Investors Manager

Product Management 10+ years | Jive Syndicates Owner | PonyRun Community and Engagement Manager



Technical Support Specialist

Technical Specialist currently working in the IT sector | Developer | Hosting | CEO of Azoria

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