Taking community-owned, revenue sharing protocols to the Peak!

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Peak is a community-led one stop shop for investors, traders, yield farmers, and NFT enthusiasts on Metis Andromeda!

Seigniorage, Financial NFT Wrapping, and Actively Managed Treasuries are all tied into a unified protocol!


Peak Finance is one of the most comprehensive suite of protocols on Metis Andromeda

  • $PEAK is our seigniorage reward token that is algo-pegged to the value of $METIS!
  • $PRO is our share token, and staking your $PRO with a Wrapped NFT, you can compete for a share of protocol revenue!
  • $POND is our governance token, by burning $PEAK for $POND, the circulating supply of $PEAK is reduced and can be redeemed at a premium when peg exceeds 1.1 the value of $METIS.

Wrapping enhances the value propositions of NFTs by applying reverse compatible functions, making this product the centrepiece for ongoing innovation. By staking your NFT and collateral in a time-locked contract, you are exposing yourself to new growth strategies contingent on exposure to unwrap and secondary market royalty fees.

Furthermore, NFT Wrapping solves a major issue with NFT staking where assets do not contain a fungible collateral value. Projects that utilize wrapped NFTs are deepening their liquidity through programmed token retention.

Secondary market royalties and unwrap fees will grow the wrappers collateral and buy back the $PEAK token.


The difference between the cost to produce money and its current value. Printing money is profitable for a select few. With our seigniorage, we algorithmically regulate the supply of $PEAK based on demand.

Actively Managed Treasury

With our Poseidon and Peaking Duck NFT collections, we utilize the funds raised to seek profit from trading the market to return to NFT holders. Profits buy back the $PRO and $PEAK tokens to distribute back to holders, ultimately benefiting all token-holders.

Community Owned

The team at Peak Finance are simply caretakers to execute the development goals of the community. All assets accumulated in the Peak Finance DAO treasury from Peaks products will be used to fund liquidity mining events that will lead to greater token retention of some of your favorite Andromeda projects.


The next frontier in NFTs are public utility protocols that offer reverse-compatible use cases for NFTs. Peak Finance offers Financial NFTs that secures protocol liquidity and expose holders to new revenue streams through wNFT secondary market royalties and unwrap fees. Collateralizing your NFTs is a new way to be rewarded as a long-term holder.


Wherever the price of $METIS goes, the $PEAK token will follow. When there are an even number of $PEAK tokens to $METIS tokens in a liquidity pool (1:1), the token is said to be “pegged” to $METIS. When $PEAK loses peg then $PEAK is no longer issued until the peg recovers, ensuring the longevity of the protocol. While below peg, you can gain exposure to $METIS at a discount of its market value!


Partner Products

Peak Ecosystem began its journey as a modified seigniorage protocol inspired by Fantom’s Tomb Finance. Peak Finance regulates the supply of the $PEAK token by dynamically adjusting emissions to $PRO stakers based on the state of the peg. When the peg is below 1.00, you are gaining exposure to $METIS at a discount on its market value.

Our native NFT Marketplace on Andromeda applies a 2% platform fee to all NFT secondary market sales. Portions of the platform fees buyback the $PEAK and/or $PRO token.

NFTA also operates a no-code minting DApp service, fill in the form, supply your images then deploy your personal minting DApp you can direct your users to! In addition, NFTA also runs a merchandize storefront that is under development toward a Web3 implementation. Learn more here

Peaking Ducks are a key component of the Peak Finance ecosystem. By minting a Peaking Duck NFT, 90% of mint raise is retained for future investment opportunities that will buy back $PEAK and airdrop to holders.

Furthermore, Peaking Ducks are a necessity to compete for a greater share of Summit emissions by wrapping and time locking collateral into a smart contract. Mint yours or pick one up from the NFTA Marketplace today!

You can obtain $PEAK by cross-chain swapping from all major EVM networks (Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Chain, etc). Bringing liquidity into the Metis Andromeda network!

Actively managed treasury that utilizes the mint raise to trade the market. Our head technical analyst pursue external trade opportunities to bring revenue back in to the Andromeda ecosystem. Poseidon NFT holders receive discretionary $PRO airdrops that are bought back with trading profits. Mint yours or pick one up from the NFTA Marketplace today!

$PEAK is an accepted currency to purchase giftcards from our partners at CryptoCart. Based on your location, you can obtain giftcards that are accepted in major grocers, travel agents, electronics, and department stores worldwide!


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Our Contributors

Adrian Stewart

Adrian Stewart

CEO & Co-Founder

Tristan HAZELwood

Tristan HAZELwood

Co-founder, Advisor, and Ecosystem Architect

Ben Guihot

Ben Guihot

Co-founder, Advisor, and BDM



Co-Founder, Head of Blockchain Development

Steve Body

Steve Body

Co-Founder, and Treasury Asset Manager

Stellio Koutsis

Stellio Koutsis

Head of Graphics and Web UX/UI

Jarryd Lang

Jarryd Lang

Video Design and Animation